And When They Shall Ask

is a feature length docu-drama film about the Russian Mennonite experience from 1788 to the present. The film features re-enactments of historic events, interviews with witnesses to these events, archival film footage and culminates with scenes of Mennonite life in the former Soviet Union. These diverse elements are bound together by the question. “Can faith triumph in the face of great adversity?”

The film was shot on location in Manitoba, California and the Soviet Union.

Now with Bonus Features consisting of interviews and film footage on the making of the film and Jake Sawatzky’s amazing, heart-warming story Bread from Heaven with Lorlie Barkman’s pictures illustrating the story.

Special Winner of awards at Film Festivals in Toronto, Chicago and the Angel Award in Hollywood Executive Producer: DAVID DUECK, Producers: DAVID and TONI DUECK, Writer and Director: JOHN MORROW, Historical Consultant: JOHN TOEWS, Director of Photography: RENE OHASHI

Music based on The Mennonite Piano Concerto
Composer: VICTOR DAVIES, Recorded by: THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Recorded at Abby Road Studios)

A Dueck Film Production Copyright 1984/2014 Length 135 minutes

Home For the Homeless

is a feature length film depicting the 50 year sojourn of the Mennonites in the Fernheim Colony in the Chaco of Paraguay from 1930 to 1950. It is a tribute to the resourcefulness and preserverence of the pioneers creating a new home in an unfamiliar, tropical and often inhospitable land. The story is captured through re-enactments, archival footage and scences of contemporay life in their adopted country. The original film was produced in German as Heimat Fuer Heimatlose. Today the DVD also includes an English and a Spanish sound track. The film was shot on location in Paraguay, South America.


A Dueck Film Production Copyright 1980 Length 90 minutes

Menno’s Reins

is a dramatized film of the 16th century religious Anabaptist/Mennonite movement and the ensuing migrations of its followers with a focus on those who moved to Manitoba, Canada. The film stars John Friesen as “John’. You will meet ‘John’ as Menno Simons, as a farmer moving from Prussia to Russia and as a teacher in Southern Manitoba. The film was shot on location in Alberta and Manitoba.

Executive Producer: WALDO NEUFELD, Producer: DAVID DUECK, Director: DON S. WILLIAMS, Corporate Sponsor: CROSSTOWN CREDIT UNION A Dueck Film Production

Copyright 1976 Length 60 minutes

copyright 2009 Mennonite Media Society