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Is a feature length film about the 16th century religious Anabaptist/Mennonite movement and the ensuing migrations of its followers with a focus on those who moved to Manitoba, Canada. The film stars John Friesen as “John’. You will meet ‘John’ as Menno Simons, as a farmer moving from Prussia to Russia and as a teacher in Southern Manitoba. The film was shot on location in Alberta and Manitoba.
The Mennonite Media Society mission is to foster,develop, promote, produce and distribute 'media' by and about Mennonites.

Our present focus is the distribution on DVD of Menno's Reins, Home for the Homeless, and our signature film, And When They Shall Ask; films produced by David & Toni Dueck. Also available is the CD of the Mennonite Piano Concerto, composer: VICTOR DAVIES, which served as the basis of the soundtrack of And When They Shall Ask.

David Dueck is the executive director of this not-for-profit organization.

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