The Mennonite Media Society mission is to promote, produce and distribute ‘media’ by, and about Mennonites, their history, their beliefs and faith.

The main focus of the Mennonite Media Society has been the distribution of three films; Menno’s Reins, Home for the Homeless and And When They Shall Ask produced by David & Toni Dueck. They are available on DVD as is the CD of the Mennonite Piano Concerto, composed by Victor Davies and the basis for the music track of And When They Shall Ask. David Dueck is the executive director of this non-for-profit organization.

At present David Dueck is dialoging with Mennonite historians/archivists, investors regarding the possibility of building a permanent RED Gate made out of steel! Our first Red Gate blew down (for details, check the ‘bonus features’ of the new And When They Shall Ask DVD). The second Red Gate, made out of wood, was dismantled after the film shoot.
To purchase DVD's/CDs featured contact:
The Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia
211-2825 Clearbrook Road
Abbotsford, BC V2T6S
Telephone: 604-853-6177
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